TITLE: Active Server Pages
Lead Instructor: Michael R. Schore (see Wake Tech course schedules, class and section, for the actual instructor)
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     Title: Beginning ASP.NET 2.0 in C# 2005
     Author: Matthew MacDonald
     ISBN: 1590595726
     Publisher: Apress

Software used to complete coursework: This course will use the free version of the software available from Microso ft at www.microsoft.com.
Other required equipment: You will need a computer to do your development work on that is connected to the Internet preferably via a highspeed connection.

Credit Hours: Three (3) Semester Hours
Pre-requisites: CIS 115 and WEB 115 or CSC 160

Co-requisites: none
This course was previously taught under the course number ITN 180.

Course Description:
This course introduces Active Server Programming. Topics include Jscript, VBScript, HTML forms processing, and the Active Server Object Model. Upon completion, students should be able to create and maintain Active Server applications.

Course Goals:
  1. Introduce the student to the .NET framework
  2. Develop basic ASP.NET web pages and applications using Microsoft Visual Studio
  3. Develop data driven web pages and applications using ADO.NET
  4. Introduce the student to using PHP to creating active server pages
  5. Develop basic data driven pages using PHP and SQL Server
Course Objectives:
Upon successful completion, students will be able to demonstrate (through completion of classwork and assignments):
  • Knowledge of the .NET Framework through the use of the C# language, various data types, objects, and namespaces. This will be accomplished using Visual Studio 2005.
  • Develop ASP.NET Applications that use basic web forms and controls, validation controls, rich controls, state management, master pages and themes, and website navigation.
  • Develop web pages that provide an interface to a SQL Server database using ADO.NET which will require the use of data binding and data controls.
  • Develop web pages that make use of files and streams to incorporate XML documents and objects.
  • Develop basic interactive web pages using PHP.
  • Develop web pages that interface to a SQL Server database using PHP.
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Grading Is As Follows:
Tests (4) 50 Exams must be taken on the assigned date; otherwise a grade of zero will be assigned. Any exception to this policy must be the result of a documented emergency or prior arrangement with the instructor. There will be! no exceptions to this rule!! NO EXCEPTIONS!! ALL MAKEUP EXAMS must be taken prior to the scheduled exam date. This must be pre-arranged with the instructor. LAST MINUTE arrangements are not acceptable.
Projects 40 Students will present topics of interest on a rotational basis leading a discussion of current topics in Internet Security. Assignments will be given on a regular basis.
Participation 10 You will be required to participate in the Discussion Board of Blackboard by posting a minimum of two substantive posts per week of the course. THIS REQUIREMENT IS NOT NEGOTIABLE!

Classroom Policies:
  • Students are responsible for all of the information presented in the Wake Technical Community College Student Handbook.
  • Please note that computers are to be used at all times for official course purposes. Use of computers for general web surfing, email, chat rooms, etc. is not allowed. Violation of this rule will result in a grade deduction and possible loss of computer privileges.
  • The college forbids the use of audible electronic equipment (cell phones, pagers, etc.) during instructional time.
  • If you miss a lecture or arrive late, you are responsible for the material presented, handouts distributed, and any announcements made that day. The instructor will not provide notes for missed classes.
Tentative Schedule
Note: This schedule is subject to some changes/modifications per Instructor -- This offered as only a study guide. The pace of each class differs according to the instructional needs of the students in the class. Always consult with your instructor. Note** A Final Project may be assigned in lieu of a Final Exam.
Unit Coursework Textbook/Assignments
Introducing .NET
Ch. 1-4
Web Form Fundamentals
Web Controls
Ch. 5
Ch. 6
Validation and Rich Controls
Ch. 8
State Management
Ch. 9
Master Pages and Themes
Ch. 10
Website Navigation
Ch. 11
ADO.NET Fundamentals
Data Binding
Ch. 14
Data Controls
Ch. 15
Files and Streams
Ch. 16
Ch. 17
Component-Based Programming
Ch. 24
Custom Controls
Web Parts
Ch. 25
Ch. 27
PHP Syntax
Basic PHP Web Pages
PHP Interaction with Databases
Creating Data-Driven Websites with PHP

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