Course: DBA 115 - 10 weeks

Title: Database Applications

Lead Instructor: Zullo, Matthew
Office: 3rd Floor PLM 389A
Phone: 662-3645
Office Hours: See posted schedules

Title: New Perspectives on Microsoft Office Access 2003 with Visual Basic for Applications - Advanced
Author: Anthony D. Briggs
ISBN: 061920673X
Publisher: Thomson Course Technology

Software: MUST have Microsoft Office Access 2003
Other Required Equipment: At least 8 MB of reusable (rewritable) storage.
Ask your Instructor what will work best in your particular learning environment.

Credit hours: 3

Pre-requisites: DBA 110 (previously known as CIS 152 or CIS 155)

Co-requisites: None

Description: This course applies concepts learned in DBA 110 to a specific DBMS. Topics include manipulating multiple tables, advanced queries, screens and reports, linking, and command files. Upon completion, students should be able to create multiple table systems that demonstrate updates, screens, and reports representative of industry requirements.

Course Goals:
  • To introduce the student to data access pages, and using databases on the Internet
  • To introduce the student to database security methods
  • To provide the student with a technical understanding of relational database management systems
  • To provide the student with a basic understanding of Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • To provide the student with a basic understanding of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
  • To prepare the student to use SQL and VBA to enhance and expand on Access databases
  • To give the student a more complete method of designing effective databases for use in industry
  • To give the student a more technical and broader understanding of the use of databases in industry

Course Objectives:
Upon successful completion, students will be able to demonstrate (through completion of classwork and assignments):
  • the creation of data access pages, and how to use databases on the Internet.
  • appropriate database security methods.
  • a technical understanding of relational database management systems.
  • an understanding of SQL.
  • an understanding of VBA.
  • how to use SQL and VBA to enhance and expand on Access databases through completion of a major project.
  • how to design an effective database for use in industry.

The Core Values of Wake Technical Community College
Respect Instructor and students will foster an environment that is respectful of all.
Responsibility Instructor and students will foster an environment that promotes taking responsibility for one's actions and obligations.
Critical Thinking Instructor and students will strive to improve the critical thinking skills of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.
Communication Instructor and students will strive to ensure that both written and oral communications are clearly understood.
Collaboration Instructor and students will strive to develop collaborative skills.

Grading Is As Follows:
Exams (4) 40 Four exams (two lecture exams and two lab exams). The format of the class is lecture and lab. All exams must be taken on the assigned date; otherwise, a grade of zero will be assigned. Any exception to this policy must be the result of a documented emergency or prior arrangement with the instructor. There will be no exceptions to this rule.
Course Project 20 Comprehensive research project using theory and applications presented in the course. Late projects will not be accepted and will result in a grade of zero.
Quizzes; Homework; Lab Assignments 30 Quizzes may be announced or unannounced; may be from any course material. Homework and labs will have a due date assigned and MUST be completed on time to receive full credit. Ask your Instructor for their policy for marking down late assignments. It is the student's responsibility to keep track of all lab work throughout the semester and to notify the Instructor(s) immediately regarding an emergency or extenuating circumstances.
Participation; Attendance; Attitude 10 Weekly discussions and readings, communication with instructor, attendance and engagement in course. Absences: Students are expected to attend every class and lab. See College Attendance Policy in the Student Handbook. Students must always display a helpful, positive and professional attitude throughout all dealings with the Instructor and other students.

Classroom Policies:

  • Students are responsible for all of the information presented in the Wake Technical Community College Student Handbook.
  • Please note that computers are to be used at all times for official course purposes. Use of computers for general web surfing, email, chat rooms, etc. is not allowed. Violation of this rule will result in a grade deduction and possible loss of computer privileges.
  • The college forbids the use of audible electronic equipment (cell phones, pagers, etc.) during instructional time.
  • If you miss a lecture or arrive late, you are responsible for the material presented, handouts distributed, and any announcements made that day. The instructor will not provide notes for missed classes.

Subject Areas
Note: The order in which these subject areas are presented may be
changed/modified by your Instructor -- this list is offered only as a guide.
The pace of each class differs according to the instructional needs of the students
in the class. Always consult with your Instructor.
Unit Subject
  Introduction to the Course and Instructor
  Review of Microsoft Office Access 2003 Database Objects
  Database Design Concepts and Documentation
  Importing, Formatting and Manipulating External Data
  Designing Complex User Interface Forms
  Designing Complex Reports
  Midterm Exam
  Assign Projects
  Customizing the Database User Interface
  Using Visual Basic for Applications
  Error Trapping and ActiveX Controls
  Object Models and Database Security
  Using Access on the World Wide Web
  Final Exam
  Final Projects Due

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662-3405 (TDD 779-0668)

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