TITLE: Oracle9i Forms Developer

Instructor: Dr. G. Frank Zhao
Office: Cubicle 16, Le May Hall
Phone: (919) 662-3466
Office Hours: To Be Arranged
Email: gzhao@waketech.edu


Oracle9i Developer: Developing Web Applications with Forms Builder
Course Technology, ISBN 0-619-15911-1

Software used to complete coursework: Oracle 9i and Oracle9i iDs

Credit Hours: Three (3) Semester Hours
Prerequisites: CIS 157, CIS257


1. Course starts on January 7, 2004.

2. Students should read the Characteristics of a Successful Online Student (http://www.waketech.edu/dist_ed/internet/studchar.html) and take the Successful Internet Student Self-Assessment (http://www.waketech.edu/dist_ed/internet/assessment.html) BEFORE enrolling in an online course at Wake Tech.

3. Students are required to logon the BlackBoard at least once a week to view or download course documents. A student can be DNA'd if he fails to participate before the 10% point in the course or that he will be dropped from the class if he does not participate for two consecutive weeks.

Formula of students to use for their Blackboard login:

The login name is created by combining the first initial, middle initial, last name, and the last 2 digits of the studentís identification number. The password is the studentís entire identification number (social security number).


This course is designed to enhance programming skills developed in CIS155, CIS157 and CIS257. Topics include embedded programming in Oracle Forms Developer GUI front ends. Emphasis is placed on the use of Forms Builder to interact the data in Oracle database and how to apply the applications through the web.

To provide the student with basic knowledge and understanding of using Oracle Forms Developer and the web applications.

To provide the student with basic knowledge and understanding of:

  • Understand key components of the Oracle9i Forms Builder tools and architecture
  • Operate a form and understand its default behavior
  • Create form using the Data Block and Layout wizard
  • Understand the key components of a form, menu, and object library
  • Use properties and the Propery Palette to control the behavior and look of your forms
  • Use the Layout Editor to format forms
  • Understand when triggers fire and how to execute PL/SQL code scripts when the triggers fire
  • Use commone triggers and buil-ins to enhance the operability of your forms
  • Add radio grup buttons, check boxes, list items, hirarchical tree items, and list-of-values to your forms
  • Call other forms and reports from your form
GRADING is as follows:
Attendance and Labs 10% Attendance:
We will strictly follow the college attendance policy. You may NOT be absent for more than 10% of the time. Three tardies (more than 20 minutes or more is tardy) equal one absence. More than 10% absentee means you will automatically be withdrawn from the class. You will recieve a "WF" if it is past the withdrawal deadline. "WF" is the equivalent of an "F" and designates a failure. This is a hard and fast rule. Any absences must be documented (i.e. Doctor's excuse, phone number of Doctor caring for sick relative) to be excused.

Lab work:
All Lab work MUST be completed! If you miss a lab (class), you must turn in missed labwork (on disk or other media) to the instructor for full credit. This is your responsibility throughout the semester. It is not the responsibility of the instructor to advise you of missed work during the term or on the last week of the term.

Exams must be taken on the assigned date; otherwise a grade of zero will be assigned. Any exception to this policy must be the result of a documented emergency or prior arrangement with the instructor. There will be no exceptions to this rule!! NO EXCEPTIONS!! ALL MAKEUP EXAMS must be taken prior to the scheduled exam date. This must be pre-arranged with the instructor. LAST MINUTE arrangments are not acceptable.



Midterm: 30%

Final: 30%


Tentative Schedule
Note: This schedule is subject to some changes/modifications per Instructor -- This offered as only a study guide. The pace of each class differs according to the instructional needs of the students in the class. Always consult with your instructor. Note** A Final Project may be assigned in leiu of a Final Exam.
Week Coursework Assignments
1 Installation of Oracle and Oracle9i iDS
2 Introduction to Oracle Forms Builder 9i
3 Running a Forms Developer Application
4 Working in the Forms Developer Environment and Creating a Basic Form Module
5 Working with Data Blocks & Frames and Working with Text Items  
6 Creating LOVs and Editors
7 Midterm
8 Creating Additional Input Items and Creating Noninput Items
9 Creating Windows and Content Canvases
10 Working with Other Canvas Types
11 Introducing, Producing, and Debugging Triggers
12 Adding Functionality to Items
13 Run Time Messages and Alerts and Query Triggers
14 Validation, Navigation, Transaction Processing
15 Writing Flexible Code, Sharing Objects and Code and Multiple Form Applications
16 Final

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