Course: CSC 234- 16 weeks

Title: Adv C++ Programming

Lead Instructor:  Molin, Al
Office:  3rd Floor PLM 351D
Phone:   866-5362
Office Hours:

  Title:C++ How to Program, Sixth Edition
  Author:Deitel et al.
  ISBN: 0-13-615250-3
  Publisher:Prentice Hall

Software:  MS Visual Studio .NET or Visual Studio 2005 Express Edition

Other required equipment:  

Credit hours:  3

Pre-requisites:  CSC 134

Co-requisites:  None

Description:  This course is a continuation of CSC 134 using the C++ programming language with standard programming principles. Emphasis is placed on advanced arrays/tables, file management/processing techniques, data structures, sub-programs, interactive processing, sort/merge routines, and libraries. Upon completion, students should be able to design, code, test, debug and document programming solutions.

Course Goals:

Course Objectives:

The Core Values of Wake Technical Community College
Respect Instructor and students will foster an environment that is respectful of all.
Responsibility Instructor and students will foster an environment that promotes taking responsibility for one's actions and obligations.
Critical Thinking Instructor and students will strive to improve the critical thinking skills of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.
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Grading Is As Follows:
Exam 50 Exams must be taken on the assigned date; otherwise a grade of zero will be assigned. Any exception to this policy must be the result of a documented emergency or prior arrangement with the instructor. There will be no exceptions to this rule!! NO EXCEPTIONS!! ALL MAKEUP EXAMS must be taken prior to the scheduled exam date. This must be pre-arranged with the instructor. LAST MINUTE arrangments are not acceptable.
Assignments & Projects 30 Project and Assignments: All Assignments and Projects Must be turned in ON TIME. You will not get any points for your program assignment if your Program does not compile.
Attendance & Labs 20 Attendance: We will strictly follow the college attendance policy. You may NOT be absent for more than 10% of the time. Three tardies (more than 20 minutes or more is tardy) equal one absence. More than 10% absentee means you will automatically be withdrawn from the class. You will recieve a "WF" if it is past the withdrawal deadline. "WF" is the equivalent of an "F" and designates a failure. This is a hard and fast rule. Any absences must be documented (i.e. Doctor's excuse, phone number of Doctor caring for sick relative) to be excused. Lab work: All Lab work MUST be completed! If you miss a lab (class), you must turn in missed labwork (on disk or other media) to the instructor for full credit. This is your responsibility throughout the semester. It is not the responsibility of the instructor to advise you of missed work during the term or on the last week of the term.

Classroom Policies:

Tentative Schedule
Note This schedule is subject to some changes/modifications per Instructor-- This offered as only a study guide. The pace of each class differsaccording to the instructional needs of the students in the class.Always consult with your instructor. Note** A Final Project may beassigned in lieu of a Final Exam.
Week Coursework Textbook/Assignments
Review of Chapter 1-7
Introduction to MS Visual Studio.NET /2005 IDE
Ch1~7 Handout Assignment 1
Review: Pointers and Strings
Ch 8 Assignment 1 Due / Assignment 2
Object-Oriented Programming
Class, Constructor, Destructor, Composition, friend functions/classes
Ch 9 ~10 Assignment 2 due / Assignment 3
Operator Overloading
Ch 11 Assignment 3 Due / Assignment 4
Exam 1
Assignment 4 Due / Exam 1
Object-Oriented Programming Inheritance
Ch 12 Assignment 5
Object-Oriented Programming Polymorphism
Ch 13 Assignment 5 Due / Assignment 6
Ch 14 Assignment 6 Due / Assignment 7
Stream Input/Output
Ch 15 Assignment 7 Due / Assignment 8
Exam 2
Exam 2 Assignment 8 Due
Exception Handling 
Ch 16 Assignment 9
File Processing
Ch 17 Assignment 9 Due / Assignment 10
Searching, Sorting & Data Structure
Ch 19,20 Assignment 10 Due / Assignment 11
Class String & String Stream Processing
Ch 18 Assignment 11 Due / Assignment 12
Game Programming with Ogre
Chapter 23 Assignment 12 Due / Assignment 13
Exam 3
Exam 3 / Assignment 13 Due

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